Sweet Fellowship – In His Word

Together in the Word – that should be the desire of the hearts of every Christian couple, married or not yet married, today. Who you are as a couple is who you are in Christ.

Although a couple does not have to share every interest and activity to succeed over the long term, the more interests and activities you share, the stronger you may expect your bond to be.

Among the top activities a Christian couple should share is time together in God’s Word. When and how this takes place will depend entirely on your schedules and lifestyle. For us, it is the last thing we do before we go to sleep. Each night, whether we are at home or on vacation, my husband reads a devotional out loud to both of us, including the accompanying Scripture passage.twobibles

It is nothing short of amazing how often this devotional fits exactly in with some challenge or obstacle or blessing we have had on that day! God is so good, and the insight He gives to those who write the devotionals is so perfect!

Whether or not you also undertake an individual study time or quiet time with the Lord each day – just you and Him – there is nothing that replaces that time together as a couple. The glue that holds Christian marriages together is Christ. He must be at the center. And studying Scripture together helps keep that center in focus – not just now and then, but every day of every year.

Commit today to partake of that sweet fellowship with your spouse. Morning, noon or night – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do it!

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