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As the author of a dozen published books available on, and many other online booksellers, I believe that God has called me to share what I have learned – and am still learning – about Christian living that may help others in their walk of faith – or plant the seeds that may germinate into a personal saving relationship with Christ at some time in the hopefully near future.

We refer to where we live in the foothills of the beautiful Selkirk Mountain Range as “Mt. Snowberry.” It is a fictional name for a real place that we presently call home – a blessing God has allowed us to occupy until He returns or calls us Home.

My wonderful husband and I are privileged to lead worship at our local church and minister to those around us through the various other activities of our daily lives.  As I wrote in  Week 46 of Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 3:

“‘The skies proclaim the work of His hands!’ Yes, they do; that is abundantly clear in this photo. Mornings like this, as many of them as I have witnessed, leave me in total awe of the God of the Universe.  At times, words fail and the eyes simply have to behold to understand. Having received God’s grace through relationship with His Son, we become citizens of Heaven. The rest of our time on this Earth is spent on what one could consider a ‘work-release’ program. This world is no longer our home – we occupy it and serve Him on a temporary ‘visa,’ as citizens of the kingdom to come. Is your temporary placement proclaiming His majesty?”

Psalm 19:1

Our hope in pursuing this website that combines several of our ministry endeavors is that those who embark on this journey with us will not only take – or continue on – a  path to spiritual and physical wellness, but will be better prepared to share the message of Christ with others as a result of having visited here. May God richly bless you and yours as you “live” with us in the foothills of the Selkirk Mountain range – no matter where you live on Earth, and whether or not you are currently on a mountaintop or in a valley spiritually.
Gretchen Slinker Jones

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