You were only a kid, little sister,
When I started over the sea,
But you’ve grown quite a lot since I came here,
And you’ve written a letter to me,
And nobody knows that you wrote it—
It’s a secret—and we’ll keep it well,
Your brother and you and the ocean,
And nobody’s going to tell.

You were only a tot when I left you.
I remember I bade you goodbye.
And kissed you, a little bit flustered,
And you promised you never would cry.
But I know that you cried, little sister,
As soon as I’d gone out the door,
And did I cry myself? I’m a soldier,
So don’t ask me anything more.

I think of you often, kid sister—
You’re the only kid sister I’ve got—
I know you’ll be good to your mother,
And I know that you’ll help her a lot.
And whenever she seems to be gloomy
You’ve just got to cheer her somehow—
You were only a kid to your brother,
But you’re more than the world to him now.
J.T.W., Pvt.,A.S.

1918 Yanks – Kid Sister
1918 Yanks – Kid Sister