It’s Not About the Ring

The Ring

When it became clear to my sweetheart and I that God was directing us to be married, we had to make several decisions about our wedding, as does every couple.

Neither of us was wealthy, and we were firm in our belief that it was not God’s purpose and plan for us to incur debt for this life-changing event.

Although some couples spend thousands, and tens of thousands of dollars on rings, we chose to “keep it simple,” and bought matching rings with one of our most favorite sayings on them. We both had much appreciated the “Footprints” poem over many years, and the motto, “It was then that I carried you,” seems so appropriate to beginning a new life together as man and wife.

A fancy ring doesn’t make a solid marriage – living with Christ as the head of household makes a solid marriage. Each couple has to decide what is right for them, but we must all make sure we are not counting on a flashy, expensive ring to keep us together. There is nothing wrong with wearing expensive jewelry, as long as the jewelry isn’t what makes – or keeps – us happy and as long as we aren’t wearing it for the purpose of impressing others or flouting a “status” we think we’ve achieved.

I don’t love my husband less because he didn’t purchase an expensive ring. I love him MORE because he is faithful in seeking God’s will for every aspect of our lives. Twenty years later, my sweetheart is on his 3rd ring (he broke the first two) and I am still wearing my original. The marriage is strong, and it’s not about the ring.