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Christian Mountain Mama Says:

Our “Mama Says” page was created to offer tidbits of information, inspiration or innovation. Feel free to quote Mama, but please give credit where credit is due!

  • If you are having difficulty with your website, contact your web hosting support folks before you spend two hours asking your FB friends for help
  • A funeral does not have to be a sad event. Sadness will be a part of it, of course; but the perfect memorial is a true celebration of life!
  • God’s Word tells us that He provided a “once and for all” sacrifice to cover all of our sins and bring us into a relationship with Him that will last forever. Christmas is our reminder that Christ willingly came to offer us eternity! Blessed Christmas!
  • We have three types of families – our blood relatives, our relatives by marriage, and our Christian brothers and sisters. Cherish all of your “family” members!
  • “Spring” is an attitude, as much as it is a season. Don’t let the weather keep you from enjoying the season!
  • It’s plain to see a good marriage takes three: First our dear Lord, then you, then me! Serve God, then serve your spouse today (by serving God, you are serving your spouse; and by serving your spouse, you are serving God).
  • Try to go through this whole week without complaining about the weather where you are. It may be too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry, too windy or too calm – but it is what it is. Find the blessing in the weather and praise God for it!
  • God sees us through His eyes in a very different way than we see ourselves or each other. If you are married, this week make a genuine effort to see your spouse through His eyes instead of your own. You will get an entirely different “picture” of the person you are married to!
  • Eat your squash seeds! Right now I’m munching on toasted seeds from an acorn squash – it just amazes me how many squash seeds I’ve thrown away over the years when we could have been eating them! And they’re way easier to clean up – and much less “woody” – than pumpkin seeds (in my opinion). We use them from spaghetti squash, as well. I did figure out the trick to getting just the right crispness – after you soak them 24 hours in salt water, let them dry overnight in a colander, then spread them out on your baking sheet with just the slightest bit of olive oil before roasting/toasting them. I used lemon pepper on the last batch – excellent!
  • Don’t fall into the trap of letting the darkness – or fog – or cold – change your attitude this winter. The birds are looking forward to warm sunshine, and so should you. Even Antarctica experiences summer!
  • Ok, so Mama has been a little busy! Tip of the week for January 6 – practice saying “no.”
  • With this current cold snap across the country, find an opportunity to either volunteer at or donate needed items or funds to a warming shelter. Many shelters were not yet fully prepared for the sheer numbers of those in need of a warm place to be.
  • “We can only imagine what it would have been like to be standing next to God as He created the world we now occupy. Perhaps, when He separated the heavens from the waters on the second day, it looked a little bit like this. Keep your heart and mind open for those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to fill a divine appointment or to make a difference in the life of someone you know (or don’t know). You may miss ‘the perfect opportunity’ if you are not ‘standing next to Him’!” Excerpt from Week 5, Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 2
  • “We thank God at every meal for His continuous provision for us. Please don’t forget that we have a responsibility to share what we have with those less fortunate than ourselves, especially with widows and orphans. Ask the Lord to show you opportunities to share what He has blessed you with.” Excerpt from Week 27, Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 1.
  • Even though you may not see God working in big ways in your life every day, please take time to thank Him for the many, many small things He does for you. And when those “big” things happen, thank Him for His immeasurable mercy and for rescuing you!
  • We are on a journey from here to Heaven.  How’s your journey going? Are you moving forward steadily, keeping your eyes on Christ and sharing your faith with those with whom God would like to have share your journey?
  • Some day, when you probably don’t even know it, YOU will be the only picture of CHRIST some struggling human will ever see. What kind of picture of the living Christ will come to mind when they think of you ever after?
  • Practice this concept this week: “Christ is the head of this household and love is the language spoken here.”
  • God woke you up this morning to do something for Him. Do you know what it is? Did you do it yet? Ask yourself this question every morning, preferably before you get out of bed. There is a day of the week referred to as “The Lord’s Day,” however, every day of your life should really be the Lord’s day!
  • I don’t know if they talk much about chewing these days; but when we were children, we were taught to chew our food thoroughly. With so many folks having issues with acid reflux and other similar digestive ailments, it makes me wonder if people just simply are not chewing their food thoroughly enough. God designed our digestive system to work with food chewed to a certain small size, which also ensured that it was mixed with an appropriate amount of saliva, which helps begin the digestive process. Failure to appropriately chew food and mix saliva with it before it hits the stomach my very well be responsible for the system having to work harder than it should – and could even account for there not being enough of the compounds that break the food down into a digestible form. So Mama says, “Chew your food!”

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