Your Résumé – A Crash Course Series

134 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1442157842
ISBN-10: 1442157844
BISAC: Self-Help / General

Résumé writing from a Christian perspective
Résumé writing from a Christian perspective
Pastors, missionaries, music ministers: THE best resume book for Christian workers! Not just any resume writer can effectively put together a resume for a Christian worker — especially for pastors and missionaries. Non-Christians do not have a full understanding of the call that is placed on a person’s life by the Lord to serve in a particular way or place and the very real difference between answering that call and applying for a job.
This Christian-focused version of the author’s original resume-writing short course is the best solution for Christian workers, whether they are employed in a secular job or called to missions or ministry service.

Young Adults/FFA textbook is available on CD by emailing us. $19.95 purchase allows you to print your own worksheets and display the book on your SmartBoard or other projector screen.

Résumé writing for young adults, including FFA CDE
Résumé writing for young adults, including FFA CDE

Black & White on White paper
152 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1482001792
ISBN-10: 1482001799
BISAC: Education / Vocational

FFA Leaders and FFA Job Interview competitors, this is the ultimate resource for writing résumés. YRACC© For Young Adults is focused on teaching high school students and early college undergrads the art of résumé writing. It is clearly not just another résumé book. This text is an actual instructional study course developed from the author’s three-hour group workshop presentation and more than 20 years of experience writing résumés and teaching résumé writing – an in-depth teaching tool that you will not commonly find in most available résumé writing books.
21st Century high school students graduate from school with a portfolio that virtually always includes a résumé and letters of recommendation. It is disturbing how many of those résumés could be described as pitiful! Résumé writing for high school-aged students presents special challenges that most résumé writing books on the market today do not address.
YRACC© is the classroom instructor or home-school parent’s best resource for truly teaching the skill of résumé writing. The short course includes the all-important component of pre-resume skills assessment, including worksheets. Once skills are assessed and information is gathered, the course enters the next step: the art of résumé writing. Each section has an end-of-section worksheet asking questions to cement the knowledge gained in that section. The final section covers FFA CDE Interview Competition Preparation.

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