Sweet Fellowship – Morning Mocha

One of the sweet fellowship opportunities that I believe many couples miss out on is morning coffee together. Each morning – and yes, we’re talking about seven days a week – my amazing husband brings me coffee in bed. While he is down the hall lovingly stirring in the homemade dark chocolate cocoa mix, I prop up the pillows and make the bed ready for him to slip back in and share our morning fellowship time.

On weekdays, there is no practical reason why I should wake up two hours earlier than necessary for me to get ready for work. But God has asked me to fellowship with my husband, so we wake up and start our day together in the Lord – 365 days a year. Paul tells the Ephesians in 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her …” It is my firm belief that this practice of morning fellowship time together falls under that instruction.

I will acknowledge that since our children are grown and gone, this is more easily accomplished by us these days than by couples with small children. It can, however, be done by couples with children – if not every day, then at least a few days a week. Couples who make this “togetherness” a habit can adapt and modify the fellowship time to fit into their family life and schedule. When your children are grown and gone, you will have established a practice that can then be made a 365-day-a-year blessing!

Work schedules may interfere with morning fellowship together. If that is your situation, find another time of day that you can share each other’s company.

And if you don’t drink coffee, there’s always tea! Sharing fellowship time at the beginning of the day – before work and chores and ministry service, etc. begin filling our minutes and hours – not only helps strengthen the Christian marriage, but it sends us out into the rest of the day better equipped to handle everything that life throws at us!

Make a practice of daily fellowship as a couple – you will be blessed beyond measure!

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