Wellness Matters

One might ask, “Why do you include food tips and recipes alongside devotionals and relationship advice on a Christian ‘living’ website?” Simple. Because God has called us to spread the Gospel and minister to others around us, I believe it is important that we pay attention to our health and wellness so that we have the strength, endurance and mobility to “be all we can be” and “do all we can do.”

This is not to say that those who are ill or sickly cannot minister to others or serve the Lord in various capacities. Of course, they can! However, if we have the option to be well and whole, why would we choose to neglect ourselves, either physically or spiritually?

Something to think about! We all make choices that effect our environment, our food intake, our exercise and our mental fitness. Those choices should be the most informed, most God-pleasing choices we can possible make. To do otherwise is to limit ourselves!

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