Comments on the SMI Devotional Series

Christmas is coming, and any or all of these three weekly devotional volumes will make a great gift. Although a daily devotional is nice, this full-color series offers one original photograph paired with an appropriate verse each week. Several folks who own all three volumes do their own expanded study on the verse of the week to spread it out over multiple days.

Many people have asked me over the years why we do not offer the Selkirk Mountain Inspiration devotionals in hardback books. Our current printing/publishing sources simply do not offer a solution that is affordable for either us, or our readers.

When I wrote and produced the first volume, I did not know it would be a series. God’s call on my heart at that time was to create a “pretty book” that people could leave lying around on their coffee table or end tables that could be used as a subtle “witness tool.” Perhaps someone who did not have a personal relationship with Christ would pick it up because it was beautiful, and find encouragement and an invitation to know Christ while looking through the pages.

There may come a time when we are able to offer these books in hardback format – I hope so. They have to be affordable enough for people to buy them, though, or there is no point in producing them! One of our prayers is for a solution. Please pray with us for that to come about in the near future.

In this digital age, people are steadily moving away from print books, so we will also be working on digital options for our readers. If one person receives a blessing, it is all worth the effort!

Our hope is to have Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 4 in print before Christmas, but it will probably be very close to mid-December.
Gretchen Slinker Jones

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