Something In Common – Part 1

God cautions us, in II Corinthians 6:14 to be very careful about people with whom we “yoke” ourselves. Although this principle unequallyyokedshould also be applied to our business partnerships and close friendships, it is most critical to give this verse consideration when we are considering marriage.

All my life, I have heard people talk about the concept that “opposites attract.” Many people I have met over the years have entered into a serious relationship with and/or married someone with whom they have little or nothing in common, including their Christian beliefs. This is not God’s plan or desire for us. Marriage is full of challenges. Why add to the challenge by yoking yourself with someone who is not like minded?

In Something in Common – Part 2, I will continue this thought and commentary. A Christian believer yoking himself or herself with an unbeliever is ignoring God’s clear Word and inviting disaster.

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