Fifty Plus

People who know me understand that sometimes unusual thoughts come out of my brain onto paper. My friends also know that I have been known to express fervent opinions on “political” matters.

When the news broke that the State of Alaska had decided to limit moose harvest to bulls with 50 inch + rack, I immediately pictured myself on a stepladder, with a cloth tape measure like I use for sewing, scrambling to measure the breadth of the antler while coaxing the rowdy beast to stay still so I could complete my task.

And I have to admit that I never hunted moose again. In a scope, in the woods, in the rain – swatting mosquitos and up to your knees in mud – all big antlers look like they’re 50 inches! Maybe that was their aim – no pun intended – to cut down on moose hunting altogether.

Song of the Heart excerpt