Intolerant Intolerance

Those who know me well know that I rarely lose my temper. My demeanor is virtually always calm and understanding. My voice is typically the voice of reason.

And then came today, when I heard that GoFundMe shut down the account collecting funds to help pay the fines that will be assessed on the Kleins in Oregon for following their personal beliefs.

Are you kidding me?!? This is the epitome of hypocrisy, the ultimate two-faced double standard. GoFundMe should be forced to re-activate this fund-raising account or be fined $135,000! They have apparently re-written the definition of intolerance. How has it come about that the rest of us are supposed to be “tolerant” of the views of a few, but the other side abjectly refuses to show any tolerance toward our views? None. At all. Well, the marketplace typically speaks for the majority in cases like these, so I hope GoFundMe is prepared. They might need a GoFundMe account to save their own business.

I have been personally acquainted with more than just a few folks who participate in same-sex relationships. They understand that I strongly disagree with their views, but I have never disrespected them as persons or attempted to force my views on them. I expect the same in return; and have never had a homosexual individual in my circle of family and acquaintances lambaste me for my views. They understand that we do not all hold the same views and probably never will.

If the moral compass our society has used for thousands of years did not come from God, Himself, that implies that all “laws and rules” we have today are a product of man’s imagination and are subject to man simply saying, “This law does not apply to me,” or, “I don’t like this law, so I will change it.” Therefore, the animalistic thugs currently destroying Baltimore can believe that the truth is, “I can do what I want. Laws are made to be broken – or changed at the whim of those who prefer not to obey them.” The transsexual grown man who wants to use the same restroom (or swimming pool locker room, or gym shower, or clothing store changing room) as our four-year old granddaughter believes it is his “right” to do so. I respectfully disagree.

Either God is the author of morality, or He is not. There is no in-between. Those whose aim is to tear down our country will continue to push the agenda that every individual can decide what is right and wrong for him or her – whether it harms someone else or not – and; in the end, God will repay. “Every knee shall bow …” does not mean some – or most – or a few. Some will be unpleasantly surprised – and will not be gay (i.e. happily excited; merry;  keenly alive and exuberant – Webster’s Dictionary) when God has had enough of our society’s willful disobedience and disrespect.

Praising Him that I will be bowing reverently as I hear Him say, “Well done,” when that time comes – keenly alive and exuberant – and praying for the voice of reason to prevail in our neighborhoods and in our world until that day.