A Prayer For Today

I have been working my way through, “Stand Out: The Outstanding Person and Prophecies of Daniel,” by Dr. David Stroder in my “spare” time. I do more writing than reading, so it takes a pretty special book to capture my attention (and time).

When I got to Page 103 a couple days ago, the prayer at the end of Chapter 4 [The Rise and Fall of Pride – Daniel 4] really struck me as relevant to what the world is going through today. It’s an “everything is turned upside down, what now?” prayer. So, I asked Dr. Stroder if I could share this prayer with my readers.

In the preface to the prayer, Dr. Stroder writes, “Is there an issue of pride in your heart? Are you self-focused, self-important and self-reliant? Are you at the center of your life? Regain your sanity and proclaim – Heaven rules! Get off the throne of your life and surrender it to the only One worthy of being called King of kings.”

Stand Out - David Stroder

If you are interested in purchasing “Stand Out,” send me a message with your email contact information and I will pass it along to Dr. Stroder.