Résumé Writing for Christian Workers

Because the résumés of Christian workers (pastors, music ministers, youth pastors, missionaries, etc.) are so much different than the résumés of secular workers, there was a need for a “speciality” instructional résumé writing book to address this topic.

Your Resume: A Crash Course II, currently on sale at Amazon for $14.35 (at the time of this writing), offers insight into what makes a Christian worker’s resume different and takes you through an actual instructional course to teach you how to create the best possible résumé to use in your current ministry call.

Click here to “look inside” before you make a decision to purchase this valuable resource – http://www.amazon.com/Your-Resume-Writing-Christian-Perspective/dp/1442157844

There was a time when Christian workers had little need for a résumé, but that day is past, for the most part. Answering God’s call on your life has many challenges. This book is one of the tools you can use to help make it more of a blessing than a challenge!

Your Résumé: A Crash Course II is also available on our website. Just click on the resume crash course series tab in the pulldown menu for the CML Bookstore.

Your Resume: A Crash Course II
Your Resume: A Crash Course II