Watering Berlin – With Living Water

We got an unexpected package in the mail last week – a lovely little surprise from a lovely little family.  Nathan and Jenny Fawbush and their children are one of the ministry families God has led us to support, both financially and in prayer. The unexpected package and surprise was from them! German chocolate candy and a new prayer card, which was quickly put in place of their old one on our refrigerator door.

As people review outreach ministries and evaluate which ones to support, it is important to remember that there are people who need Christ literally everywhere across the globe – in America, as well as overseas. Our own family has endeavored to support as many ministries as possible both in our own country and out of it. Watering Berlin struck a chord with us because it is hard to believe that European countries have so few Believers in their populations in this 21st Century.

Christian Mountain Living would like to encourage you to commit to long-term financial support for the Fawbush family and Watering Berlin. We believe in what they want to do – bring the Living Water of Jesus Christ – in their ministry to the people of Berlin, and it is our hope and prayer that they will be fully funded to carry this ministry forward as God has called them to!

Please click on the link below to “get acquainted” with them.