A Prayer For Today

I have been working my way through, “Stand Out: The Outstanding Person and Prophecies of Daniel,” by Dr. David Stroder in my “spare” time. I do more writing than reading, so it takes a pretty special book to capture my attention (and time).

When I got to Page 103 a couple days ago, the prayer at the end of Chapter 4 [The Rise and Fall of Pride – Daniel 4] really struck me as relevant to what the world is going through today. It’s an “everything is turned upside down, what now?” prayer. So, I asked Dr. Stroder if I could share this prayer with my readers.

In the preface to the prayer, Dr. Stroder writes, “Is there an issue of pride in your heart? Are you self-focused, self-important and self-reliant? Are you at the center of your life? Regain your sanity and proclaim – Heaven rules! Get off the throne of your life and surrender it to the only One worthy of being called King of kings.”

Stand Out - David Stroder

If you are interested in purchasing “Stand Out,” send me a message with your email contact information and I will pass it along to Dr. Stroder.

It Takes Three

“Christ is the head of our household, and love is the language spoken here.”

Several times in recent months, I have seen posts on social media asking what people thought were “essentials” to make a Christian marriage successful. On each of them, I posted the “theme” of our marriage, that I wrote and put on our refrigerator the first week we were married:

“It’s plain to see,
A good marriage takes three.
First, our dear Lord,
Then you, then me!”

Keeping Jesus Christ first and foremost as the head of household is critical.

  • When both of you understand that neither of you is actually, “the boss,” it can eliminate virtually all arguing and disagreements. Yes, the husband is the physical head of household; you are a team with a team leader.
  • When both of you are focused on what will please Christ, it is very difficult for you to treat each other poorly.  His example of serving those he encountered is our example for serving each other; seeing a need even before it is expressed because he was truly looking inside the person.
  • When both of you share the common goal of serving Christ in every aspect of your daily living, you will seldom disagree on any aspect of day-to-day living: where you attend church, who your close friends are, how you will decorate your home, what you will eat.

Will you ever disagree? Probably now and then. But, if you are dedicated to being a true follower of Jesus Christ and a true partner to your sweetheart, disagreements should be few and far between.

God bless you, as you consider these thoughts.