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Heart’s Desire


Gretchen Slinker Jones poetry
Heart’s Desire

Most, if not all, of us have times in our life when things don’t go exactly as we had planned – a relationship that didn’t turn out, a career that didn’t pan out, a friend that ran out when you needed her most – but God’s plans are frequently different than ours.

When circumstances warrant, there are occasions when we have to set aside our wants and needs and just simply “do what needs to be done.” Hopefully times like this are few and rare, rather than “the norm.”

Heart’s Desire was written in the midst of one of those life challenges. Thankfully, God eventually changed the circumstances – albeit not as quickly as I would have hoped for – and His plans for the better; and there is no longer a conflict “in the mirror.”

Are you thankful today for where God has you right now? Even if you are caught in a conflict you didn’t ask for, have you told him so?


When I wrote the poem titled, “Bluegrass,” I had just come home from a wonderful concert in Kenai, Alaska. As with many of my poems, the words just came pouring out onto the paper.  One could easily say, “It practically wrote itself.” The idea of shaping “Bluegrass” like a banjo came later when I actually decided to create and publish a book of my poetry.

Some time after the poem had been published locally, an individual commented to me that “mountain music” and “bluegrass” are not the same. I understand this concept. I guess you could say that I employed a bit of “poetic license” in the writing. What works, works!

Bluegrass - Gretchen Slinker Jones
Bluegrass – Copyrighted excerpt from Song of the Heart – EAN13#978-1441496621

Song of the Heart

BookCoverImageAs I begin this new series using the poems from my all-inclusive volume, Song of the Heart – The Complete Collection, I will give a bit of a “story” with each poem to give the reader an idea of how the poem came to be.

This first series will be from Song of the Heart – Volume 1 – Heart’s Desire. In the late 1980s, our local newspaper in Alaska began a column called “Poetspeak,” with a request for local poets to submit their works for consideration for the column. Kurt Kristensen served as “editor” and his wife, Linda, sketched original illustrations for each poem. Kenay Sunset was the first poem I submitted for publication. I still have the original newspaper clippings of the first several poems I submitted and Linda illustrated.

The first poem I will include in this new blog category is the title poem of the series.

Song Heart Title Poem
Song of the Heart