New RSVP Spelling and Vocabulary Grade 6


RSVP 6th Grade Old Hymns

We’ve been promising you the next study book in the RSVP Reading2Presentation series, and here it is!

Beginning with a carefully chosen set of lyrics from hymns 100+ years old, this 6th grade level spelling and vocabulary workbook offers the usual 18 weeks of study, with a suggested culminating presentation at the end of the 18 weeks.

Click on the book picture or go to the CML Bookstore tab and select RSVP in the pulldown menu for secure purchase through Amazon.

Email for information on discounts for orders of more than 10 workbooks at $8.00 each. We cannot sell bulk discounts through amazon, but can take payments with PayPal or credit card through PayPal and direct ship them to you.

The next book coming out in this series will be for 9th grade, and offers 18 short literary selections from the 1900s for the in-context study material. This book should be available by Fall 2019.