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Two Halves

      As I was reflecting on the idea of the man and woman in a serious relationship shouting at one another, or making remarks purposely meant to hurt one another, it occurred to me that this type of behavior is totally incompatible with “one flesh.” When a man and woman marry in a Christian relationship, they become truly one flesh under the headship of Christ.
If we take this concept seriously, and as God meant it to be, then it is clear that any time we hurt our sweetheart, we are truly hurting ourselves. My husband and I are each half of a whole. We are connected, through Christ, literally. Therefore, if I was to lash out at him in anger (much less physically lash out – a totally foreign concept to me), I would literally be hurting my own self. Now, who in their right mind would choose to do that?


If a Christian couple argues and fights, then I would have to question whether they were truly one flesh. That would be an indication to me that they had some serious work to do on their marriage and their relationship, both with Christ and with each other.
One of the reasons I choose to not “hang out” much of the time with most of my women friends (including some of the Christian ones) is that I find it very difficult to enjoy the company of people who spend far too much time criticizing and tearing down the person who is supposed to be the other half of their whole. I have been around women who scarcely have anything to say that does not involve complaining about their husbands.
Please examine your attitude toward your husband or wife; and if your conversations not only about him or her, but with him or her are characterized by criticism and discontent, I would urge you to pray for a heart of compassion and kindness and true love toward the other half of your whole – sooner than later! It is not God’s plan for us to tear apart His workmanship. Love your everyday valentine with your whole heart!

Healthy, Whole-Food Encouragement

Our family believes in the importance of eating healthy, whole foods the Lord has provided for our nourishment and well being. We grow as many of our own fruits and vegetables as we can and purchase many items through a local online “farmer’s market” where local vendors sell everything from homemade laundry soap and lip balm to meat, vegetables, fruit and bread. What a gift to be able to not only support our local growers and producers, but to know where these items came from and who made or grew them!

Here on Mt. Snowberry, we drink raw milk, make our own butter, yogurt and soft yogurt cheeses – and we grow our own horseradish, garlic and herbs, as well as plums, apples, cherries, blueberries, black currants, blackberries, apricots and summer vegetables.

No, we don’t have a cow – we buy local raw milk. No, we don’t have a big “garden” – we grow foods among the flowers in our rock gardens. Yes, we breathe fresh mountain air and enjoy the peace and solitude of our perch on the side of a hill overlooking one of the most beautiful little farming and ranching valleys in America.

We are looking forward to providing tips and recipes for food growing, preparation and preservation that may help you maintain better health. There are no doctors in our house, and nothing you read here should be interpreted by you as medical advice. All health decisions should be made based on your own understanding of health issues and potential treatments, whether you visit a traditional medical doctor or a naturopath – or none at all.

Sweet Fellowship – Prayer and Praise

The third part of our daily fellowship comes right after our sharing of our morning mocha – and should be the beginning of every couple’s perfect day. Prayer – together – always!

Many couples with whom we are acquainted do a morning prayer time, but too many of them pray apart from one another, not together. My sweetheart leads our morning prayer and I chime in as I am led to pray for a particular individual or circumstance. Pray for your children, pray for your parents, pray for your siblings, pray for your community, pray for your church family, pray for your pastor, pray for your co-workers, pray for your neighbors, pray for our nation and  the leaders of our nation. Pray for the gospel to reach all the peoples of the Earth. This fellowship opportunity not only keeps you in “prayer mode,” but it helps you to each know what is on the heart of the other. It is a sharing of lives and time that is essential to a strong Christian marriage relationship.

A couple should begin this activity during their courtship by finding a time, whether it be following a meal together or in the car as he drives her home from a “date” to pray together for whatever happens to be on each of their hearts at the time. The practice of praying together is not limited to post-marriage fellowship time. It is a lifelong habit that should be developed early on in a relationship between a man and a woman – whether they are young or older.

God desires for us to be in the habit of praying for one another. Make it a priority!

Mule’s Ears – Psalm 103:15

The daisy-like wildflower known as mule’s ears grows all over our mountain in the spring. Although they are quite unattractive once they are completely bloomed out, mule’s ears last a very long time and really brighten up the mountainside through spring and into the summer.bk1wk19clipMULE

God knows what we need. And beauty that shows His hand at work around us can help us to stay focused on Him and the work He has for us to do while we are here. You don’t have to live in a place like I do to appreciate the beauty around you. Don’t forget to take the time to do so. If you can’t see any beauty, create some!

I will sing you a song of that beautiful land … Ellen H. Gates


Sweet Fellowship – In His Word

Together in the Word – that should be the desire of the hearts of every Christian couple, married or not yet married, today. Who you are as a couple is who you are in Christ.

Although a couple does not have to share every interest and activity to succeed over the long term, the more interests and activities you share, the stronger you may expect your bond to be.

Among the top activities a Christian couple should share is time together in God’s Word. When and how this takes place will depend entirely on your schedules and lifestyle. For us, it is the last thing we do before we go to sleep. Each night, whether we are at home or on vacation, my husband reads a devotional out loud to both of us, including the accompanying Scripture passage.twobibles

It is nothing short of amazing how often this devotional fits exactly in with some challenge or obstacle or blessing we have had on that day! God is so good, and the insight He gives to those who write the devotionals is so perfect!

Whether or not you also undertake an individual study time or quiet time with the Lord each day – just you and Him – there is nothing that replaces that time together as a couple. The glue that holds Christian marriages together is Christ. He must be at the center. And studying Scripture together helps keep that center in focus – not just now and then, but every day of every year.

Commit today to partake of that sweet fellowship with your spouse. Morning, noon or night – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do it!

Sweet Fellowship – Morning Mocha

One of the sweet fellowship opportunities that I believe many couples miss out on is morning coffee together. Each morning – and yes, we’re talking about seven days a week – my amazing husband brings me coffee in bed. While he is down the hall lovingly stirring in the homemade dark chocolate cocoa mix, I prop up the pillows and make the bed ready for him to slip back in and share our morning fellowship time.

On weekdays, there is no practical reason why I should wake up two hours earlier than necessary for me to get ready for work. But God has asked me to fellowship with my husband, so we wake up and start our day together in the Lord – 365 days a year. Paul tells the Ephesians in 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her …” It is my firm belief that this practice of morning fellowship time together falls under that instruction.

I will acknowledge that since our children are grown and gone, this is more easily accomplished by us these days than by couples with small children. It can, however, be done by couples with children – if not every day, then at least a few days a week. Couples who make this “togetherness” a habit can adapt and modify the fellowship time to fit into their family life and schedule. When your children are grown and gone, you will have established a practice that can then be made a 365-day-a-year blessing!

Work schedules may interfere with morning fellowship together. If that is your situation, find another time of day that you can share each other’s company.

And if you don’t drink coffee, there’s always tea! Sharing fellowship time at the beginning of the day – before work and chores and ministry service, etc. begin filling our minutes and hours – not only helps strengthen the Christian marriage, but it sends us out into the rest of the day better equipped to handle everything that life throws at us!

Make a practice of daily fellowship as a couple – you will be blessed beyond measure!

Something In Common – Part 2

Marriage is difficult enough when a couple is equally yoked! The concept that “love conquers all” sounds great, but it is not reality, when it comes to living as a Christian couple. Yes, love covers a multitude of sins (I Peter 4:8 “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”) Yes, we can “get along” with someone who does not share each and every one of our values. But, are you willing to settle for less than God’s perfect match for your helpmate for life?DeerEyes

My husband likes to tell people that I am his “rib.” He believes that, and so do I. The sort of deep love Peter is referring to is a love that sees the other person literally through the eyes of God. When you look at your sweetheart as though you are looking through God’s eyes, you will see what He sees. This makes all the difference in a marriage! God has nothing less than amazing in mind for you and your husband or wife. Why would anyone settle for less?

War Horses – Deuteronomy 20:1

Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 1 – Week Twenty

In the middle of nowhere, rising above the Columbia River gorge near Vantage, Washington, you will find this scene along the freeway. There are no chariots or armies, but one can easily envision them battling on this desolate sagebrush hill. The artist, David Govedare, has metal artwork on display in many areas of the country. With my husband standing next to one of the “horses,” you can see how big they really are.

We read stories in the Old Testament about the Lord’s involvement in many battles. We fight a spiritual battle every day. Be thankful that His armor and His “armies” are on your side and available 24/7.

 O watch, and fight, and pray; the battle ne’er give o’er … George Heath


The Time is Right

For several months now, God has been leading me to begin a blog that is geared toward the principles of love from a Christian perspective. This is the beginning of my answer to that call.

We all want to love and be loved. And most of us would be thrilled to have an “everyday valentine.” I am blessed to be one of the people who DOES! This blog will be my insights, backed up by God’s Word, into how anyone, male or female, can find that kind of love and live it out for a lifetime.

Wintermorn – John 3:16

Book 1, Week 1
Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 1 – Week One

One winter morning as I sat at my computer, the most lovely of sunrises appeared before me outside the window behind my monitor.

Opportunities like this require one to run as fast as possible for the camera, because they tend to disappear very quickly. Thankfully, I made it in time. Thus was “born” the picture titled “Wintermorn.” When pairing verses with pictures, I always attempt to capture the essence of the photo in the verse as well as to share something that I believe will encourage the reader/viewer.

John 3:16 is the ultimate “peace and comfort” verse, and this early morning winter scene embodied peace and comfort to me. How much He loved us is the greatest source of comfort that exists.

Welcome delightful morn, thou day of sacred rest! … Hayward