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Weekly devotional samplings from the Selkirk Mountain Inspiration series

Perfectly Pastel© – John 14:27

Bk1Wk7ClipSelkirk Mountain Inspiration 1 – Week Seven

This photo [below] is “above and beyond,” in my estimation, in terms of its simplistic beauty. What a blessing to be able to get to the camera in time on this morning! There’s no way you could describe it to someone – they just have to see it.

Peace … ah, that state of mind and heart we so often lose track of. We forget, sometimes, that worry and fear are literally a “slap in the face” of our God. When we lose sleep or fret ourselves into a terrible state, we are saying to God, “Sorry, God, I know you’re big, but you’re not big enough to handle THIS problem.” Achieving peace and contentment is not always easy. We have to give it our best, though — our God deserves our complete trust and confidence!

Anything less is an insult to Him.

From our worldly cares set free, may we rest this day in Thee …

Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 1 – Week 7

The Only Way – John 14:6

Excerpt from Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 2 – Week One

Bk2Wk1ClipComing around this rather innocent-looking bend in our driveway, we find ourselves face to face with the steepest part of the road; and in Winter snow, we must creep slowly down in four-wheel drive, praying all the way. As nerve-wracking as the trip down can be, it is the only way to get from home to town. And with its snowy blanket, isn’t it just the most beautiful “way” you have ever seen?

Jesus did not leave any room for doubt when He claimed to be the only way to the Heavenly Father. His claim was true, and He IS the only way. And isn’t He just the most beautiful “Way” you have ever seen? We have a sure and certain hope! We can surely follow Him home, praying all the way!

There’s no one to save you but Jesus, There’s no other way but His way … Geo. F. Root

The Way
Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 2 – Week One

Angel Visit – Luke 1:30-33

Bk1Wk50clipExcerpted from Selkirk Mountain Inspiration, Week Fifty

When I was choosing photos to pair with pre-Christmas verses, the intense coloration of this sunset really “spoke” to me about what an angel visit in the middle of the night might look like. It is as “unearthly” as any sunset photo I have ever taken, I think. I do have another “unearthly” looking sunset photo, but it has the appearance of a frightful monster, so I did not even consider including it in this little devotional book.

Can you imagine being Mary? Sure, she believed in God. But to have Him single her out for perhaps the most important “mission” ever assigned in history? Wow! Would that we could be so obedient and faithful.

Angel Visit - Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 1, Week Fifty
Angel Visit – Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 1, Week Fifty


The night is dark and I am far from home; Lead Thou me on! –  John H. Newman

Garbed in Pink – Genesis 28:17

Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 3, Week 49Week Forty Nine in Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 3

This December afternoon was one of those “baby-quilt” days that cannot fail to bring a smile to my face. There is just nothing in the world like pink snow – and this is my opportunity to share it with the millions of people around the world who have never seen it.   As Advent begins, we take time to reflect on the magnitude of God’s gift of His Son to our broken world. As awesome as this place is, Heaven is infinitely more awesome; and Christ agreed to leave His home there and come to live among us – to save us. During the next few weeks, you will likely have opportunities to invite the un-churched to a Christmas program or caroling event, ladies luncheon or men’s breakfast. Be watchful for those opportunities to present themselves, and extend those invitations as often as possible. ‘Tis the season …

Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 3, Week 49
Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 3, Week 49

Our praise and prayer and anthems before Thee we present – Theodulph of Orleans

Fall Into Eternity – Galatians 6:8b

Week Forty Three – SMI 3

Fall Into Eternity - Galatians 6:8
Fall Into Eternity – Galatians 6:8

This striking Peony was so much more colorful this year than it was last year that I could not resist taking several photos of it. From green to yellow to coral to maroon – what a pleasing sight for the eyes!

Those of us who garden “sow” regularly, but our main purpose in life is to be “sowing seeds” of the Gospel to those in our family who are not saved, as well as those we meet in our work, recreation and even shopping. As you enter this Fall season of the year and bring in your harvest – whether it be flowers, fruit, vegetables or grains – make sure you do not crowd out the opportunities for sowing seeds of the Spirit as you live out each day and night. If we are paying attention, God will bring us “sowing” opportunities in abundance. We may not know until we reach Heaven whether our seed has borne fruit, but God knows – and He, indeed, is reaping!

He has given a hope for eternity, blessed and true – S. O’Maley Cluff

Comments on the SMI Devotional Series

Christmas is coming, and any or all of these three weekly devotional volumes will make a great gift. Although a daily devotional is nice, this full-color series offers one original photograph paired with an appropriate verse each week. Several folks who own all three volumes do their own expanded study on the verse of the week to spread it out over multiple days.

Many people have asked me over the years why we do not offer the Selkirk Mountain Inspiration devotionals in hardback books. Our current printing/publishing sources simply do not offer a solution that is affordable for either us, or our readers.

When I wrote and produced the first volume, I did not know it would be a series. God’s call on my heart at that time was to create a “pretty book” that people could leave lying around on their coffee table or end tables that could be used as a subtle “witness tool.” Perhaps someone who did not have a personal relationship with Christ would pick it up because it was beautiful, and find encouragement and an invitation to know Christ while looking through the pages.

There may come a time when we are able to offer these books in hardback format – I hope so. They have to be affordable enough for people to buy them, though, or there is no point in producing them! One of our prayers is for a solution. Please pray with us for that to come about in the near future.

In this digital age, people are steadily moving away from print books, so we will also be working on digital options for our readers. If one person receives a blessing, it is all worth the effort!

Our hope is to have Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 4 in print before Christmas, but it will probably be very close to mid-December.
Gretchen Slinker Jones

Mule’s Ears – Psalm 103:15

The daisy-like wildflower known as mule’s ears grows all over our mountain in the spring. Although they are quite unattractive once they are completely bloomed out, mule’s ears last a very long time and really brighten up the mountainside through spring and into the summer.bk1wk19clipMULE

God knows what we need. And beauty that shows His hand at work around us can help us to stay focused on Him and the work He has for us to do while we are here. You don’t have to live in a place like I do to appreciate the beauty around you. Don’t forget to take the time to do so. If you can’t see any beauty, create some!

I will sing you a song of that beautiful land … Ellen H. Gates


War Horses – Deuteronomy 20:1

Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 1 – Week Twenty

In the middle of nowhere, rising above the Columbia River gorge near Vantage, Washington, you will find this scene along the freeway. There are no chariots or armies, but one can easily envision them battling on this desolate sagebrush hill. The artist, David Govedare, has metal artwork on display in many areas of the country. With my husband standing next to one of the “horses,” you can see how big they really are.

We read stories in the Old Testament about the Lord’s involvement in many battles. We fight a spiritual battle every day. Be thankful that His armor and His “armies” are on your side and available 24/7.

 O watch, and fight, and pray; the battle ne’er give o’er … George Heath


Wintermorn – John 3:16

Book 1, Week 1
Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 1 – Week One

One winter morning as I sat at my computer, the most lovely of sunrises appeared before me outside the window behind my monitor.

Opportunities like this require one to run as fast as possible for the camera, because they tend to disappear very quickly. Thankfully, I made it in time. Thus was “born” the picture titled “Wintermorn.” When pairing verses with pictures, I always attempt to capture the essence of the photo in the verse as well as to share something that I believe will encourage the reader/viewer.

John 3:16 is the ultimate “peace and comfort” verse, and this early morning winter scene embodied peace and comfort to me. How much He loved us is the greatest source of comfort that exists.

Welcome delightful morn, thou day of sacred rest! … Hayward