Believe it or not, I find errors in practically every book I read — even school textbooks — EVEN school ENGLISH textbooks!

It seems like the standard of excellence is eroding more every day. You see errors virtually everywhere you look — menus, brochures, billboards, web sites, business signs; even the ticker on the news channel!

There have been times when I felt like finding errors in everything I read was a curse! It can be really irritating when you are reading for pleasure. However, my “curse” can be YOUR “blessing!”


                Most Documents over  2,500 words
@85/100 cent per word
[#of words x .0085]

                2500+ w/Light Editing @1 cent per word [# of words x .01]

                Technical Documents over  2,500 words
@1.5 cents per word [# of words x .015]

                Documents under 2,500  words
Contact us for bids and/or details
Web pages, menus, flyers, brochures, etc. typically $4.50 per page

This is a Christian-owned business. We reserve the right to refuse proofreading
of materials not consistent with our
Statement of Faith and personal Bible based standards.

Pay For Proofreading

PAY with  , either using your PayPal account or using your credit card (we will send you an email with a secure “click-to-pay” button).

Only pre-qualified business accounts will be eligible to pay by any means other than a PayPal account or a credit card through PayPal secure payment services.

To keep spammers from harvesting our email address, we do not put it intact on our website. You may email us by inserting the “at” sign between ceo and

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