Selkirk Mountain Inspiration

As we approach the release of Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 4 early in 2015, it is a great time to look back and reflect on how this series has been just as much an inspiration to me as it has been to those who have purchased any of the three volumes of SMI  – or received them as gifts.

Stories of how any and all of the three devotional books have blessed the lives of various individuals warm my heart and inspire me to finish the manuscript for the fourth volume in preparation for what will hopefully be a late January or early February publication date.

This newer, better version of the Christian Mountain Living website will feature a blog category highlighting devotionals from all three volumes – as well as #4 when it comes out. We may even do a “pre-release” glimpse of several devotionals from the new book before it is available in online bookstores.

One of our goals for 2015 is to make a full-color pdf version of each volume available for download,  as well – at a much-reduced price, of course!

We encourage you to consider any of the volumes of Selkirk Mountain Inspiration next time you are looking for a gift basket “stuffer” for a wedding, graduation (either high school or college), anniversary – or even for the next charity auction basket you donate.

Select any of the books in the Selkirk Mountain Inspiration pulldown menu to view details and purchase books through a secure Amazon subsidiary website.

Ideas for the future include a series of Selkirk Mountain Inspiration calendars, and hopefully a 365-day devotional some day. Only God knows where this little coffee-table ministry will go!

Gretchen Slinker Jones

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