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Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 2 – Week Thirteen

Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 2 Week 13

When or how this chunk of ancient rock from far above our house arrived at its current location by our lower road, we do not know. But we can clearly see its original location and are thankful that it did not travel all the way to the highway. As “he” tumbled down the mountain, the rock we call the “hairy rock,” picked up some fertile soil on which grows “hair” during the rainy Spring and early Summer.

Living on the side of a mountain, we have to daily trust that the Lord will guard and protect us – from fast-flowing water during rainstorms, from wildfire, and from tumbling, crumbling rocks. It is far easier to trust Him when you stay close to Him at all times. Make certain you keep your heart and mind close to God, all day every day. Be confident that you can trust Him with every area of your life on this crumbling planet called Earth!

Week 2_13 clip

All the earth is groaning, crying for that day of sweet release … James M. Kirk