God’s Paintbrush© – Isaiah 51:6a

Week 2_12

Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 2 – Week Twelve

Does this photograph look more like an oil painting than a photo to you? It truly does to me. On rare occasions, the image the camera captures has qualities that suggest it cannot possibly be real. This is one of those photos. It just came out looking like an oil painting, likely from the lighting conditions at the time. 

There is nothing “man-made” to compare with what God has created for us to enjoy during our short time here on Earth. We can “manufacture” and “create” and “make” many things, but we cannot produce anything this beautiful on our own. Only God can create such glorious scenes for us to view and appreciate! Thank Him today for creating our world and for creating us with the ability to see and enjoy it – “oil paintings” and all.

sighs are lost in songs of praise … F. G. Burroughs