Perfectly Pastel© – John 14:27

Bk1Wk7ClipSelkirk Mountain Inspiration 1 – Week Seven

This photo [below] is “above and beyond,” in my estimation, in terms of its simplistic beauty. What a blessing to be able to get to the camera in time on this morning! There’s no way you could describe it to someone – they just have to see it.

Peace … ah, that state of mind and heart we so often lose track of. We forget, sometimes, that worry and fear are literally a “slap in the face” of our God. When we lose sleep or fret ourselves into a terrible state, we are saying to God, “Sorry, God, I know you’re big, but you’re not big enough to handle THIS problem.” Achieving peace and contentment is not always easy. We have to give it our best, though — our God deserves our complete trust and confidence!

Anything less is an insult to Him.

From our worldly cares set free, may we rest this day in Thee …

Selkirk Mountain Inspiration 1 – Week 7